Explore hundreds of miles of realistic rail networks as Driver or Operator controlling 30 different locomotives across 4 enormous routes including the full 393-mile London-Edinburgh Mainline, or the mountainous Hinton Division route in West Virginia circa 1950. 

With Trainz Driver 2016 you can jump right in and explore the same Routes, Sessions and driving experience as the full "Trainz A New Era" version - all at a lower price.*

Key Features

A complete railroad experience
Drive, watch, interact with signals and junctions, couple and decouple wagons, load and unload freight, passengers and more.

Choose your control method
Control a single train with easy or realistic controls or manage dozens of trains at once using “AI Commands”

Impressive interactivity
Interact with hundreds of industries and passenger stations

Total flexibility
Follow pre-defined work order instructions or create your own interactive sessions "on the fly"

Enormous panoramic views
Purpose-built game engine to display over 100 square miles of scenery at once

Navigational aids
Never lose your way with the in-game navigation system

Expand your collection
Purchase additional routes and locomotives to broaden your experience.

Content Includes:

  • 10 Introductory Sessions to teach you all the basics 
  • 4 Routes including over 1,000 miles of track to explore
  • 10 Structured Sessions
  • 4 Multiplayer Sessions
  • 4 Quickdrive Sessions providing countless hours of replayability
  • 30 different locomotives to drive
  • 200 different freight and passenger cars

Routes and Sessions

Trainz Driver 2016 provides the same high quality routes as the full Trainz: A New Era edition. Additional routes and locomotives are available for purchase as Downloadable Content.

Kickstarter County

Based upon the famous Highland Valley route from the early days of Trainz, Kickstarter County has received a huge upgrade with new content, new track, new industries, and new high definition assets.

Chesapeake & Ohio RR, Hinton Division - (United States, 1950)

Hinton Division, one of the major coal producing areas for the C&O, starts just west of Thurmond, WV through to Hinton, WV and includes 4 subdivisions. Laurel Creek, Piney Creek, Rend, and Loup Creek.

ECML Kings Cross - Edinburgh (UK, 1976)

This edition delivers the full route from London Kings Cross Station all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland - a 393 mile drive! With significant updates to almost every feature, this route will transport you back in time to 1976.

Healesville - (Australia, 1910's)

A faithful recreation of the towns, stations, bridges and rural countryside of 1915 Australia. The line includes several notable features, including the 1.6 mile long timber trestle bridge over the Yarra River and flood plains between Yering and Yarra Glen and one of the very few tunnels on the Victorian Railways.

Locomotive Listing:

The following drivable locomotives are included:

  • ATSF GP60M 
  • ATSF SD45 
  • C&O Kanawha K-4 Steam 
  • DSFX FA1 
  • KS81 Di3a 
  • SP SD40T-2 
  • SP SD45 
  • ATSF C30-7 
  • SW1500 IORY 1501 Indiana & Ohio Railway 
  • EMD GP9 FEC #663 
  • Nohab NSB Di3a 
  • BR Class 37 Blue 
  • BR Class 47 blue 
  • BR Class 47 blue- silver roof 
  • BR Class 55 blue TOPS 1976 
  • BR Class 105 DMB 
  • BR Class 105 DTCL 
  • BR Class 313 DMSO Blue & grey 
  • BR HST 125 
  • VR DD T2 Can Red W BG 
  • VR F Class 2-4-2t-NB-C 
  • VR F Class 2-4-2t-SB-C 
  • VR V class Compound 
  • VR D 92 Can Red - 1908-1918 
  • VR DD T2 WW1 Red C BG 
  • VR E T1 Can Red - 1903-1918 
  • VR E T1 WWI Red - 1918-1924 
  • VR EE T1 Can Red - 1903-1918 
  • VR EE T1 WWI Red - 1918-1923 
  • VR New R T2 Can Red - 1903-1908

Additional Downloadable (DLC) Content:

A range of additional routes and dozens of locomotives and complete train sets available for additional purchase. More content will be released over time.

DLC items purchased for TANE will work in TD2016 and vice versa.



*Trainz Driver 2016 provides access to all the driving and operations aspects of "Trainz: A New Era - Service Pack 1 Edition" but does not include the Surveyor, Test Track, Content Manager or Download Station components.

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