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Compatible with: TS12 SP1,

Constructed between 1908 and 1929, the I wagon (Type 17) was one of the most common freight wagons on the Victorian Railways, reaching approximately 7000 members. The 'I' class open wagons were used to transport practically anything on the Victorian Railways network, including coal, lumber, logs, tractors, briquettes, and much more. The 'type 17' I wagon was the 17th design of the 'I' class open wagons, and one of the last designs of this class of wagon. These wagons lasted in service up till the late 1970s, with 11 remaining by 1980, which were not to last much longer.

Throughout their long service lives, these wagons received many modifications, such as coupler changes, lettering changes, extra handrails, removal of handrails, lashing rings, and many more. These wagons were also used for various test designs for new wagons, such as the fitting of full length tarpaulin bars, or by adding a hopper unit to assist with unloading of briquettes.

This pack includes 10 variations of the I wagons, covering different era's, with appropriate lettering, details and couplers. Each of the variations has changes to the handrails, lettering, lashing rings, etc, as appropriate. The variations also have their own unique weathering, ranging from 'pristine' wagons, through lightly weathered/used wagons,  to heavily weathered wagons.  They also includes a differently weathered/coloured tarp. Each of the wagons comes in both prototypical broad gauge (5ft3in gauge) versions and 'fictional' standard gauge (4ft8.5in gauge) versions (for use on a greater range of Trainz layouts), giving a total of 20 wagons in the pack.  The pack includes 6 'generic' I wagons, representing each of the different major periods of use (including different coupler variations), and 4 'specific' wagons which feature unique setups for specific wagons.

Features Include:

- 20 wagons, comprising 10 unique variations in both broad gauge (5ft3in) and standard gauge (4ft8.5in). 
- Each of the 10 variations has its own unique weathering.
- Full LOD meshes on the main meshes.
- Animated Couplers and Brake Hoses/Taps (Hoses/ brake taps using 'physique' animations).
- Custom scripts, allowing control of doors, tarpaulin bars, tarpaulin support rope/bar, and tarpaulins.
- Scripted Tail Disc and Tail Lamp (night only) when at the rear of the train.
- Scripted handbrake which is applied when a locomotive is not in a consist.
- Physics are disabled when a locomotive is not part of the consist (the wagon will become a 'scenery' object, reducing the load on Trainz).
- 'Physique' based coal load animations used for more realistic animations (note, hopper type wagon uses regular animation techniques).

Variations List (each in Broad Gauge and Standard Gauge):

- VR I Wagon Type 17 Gen 1926-1940s 3 link Couplers.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 Gen 1926-1958 Transition Couplers (auto coupler with '3 link' coupler attached to the top).
- VR I Wagon Type 17 Gen 1950s Auto Couplers - Timber Shunter's Steps.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 Gen 1958-1972 Auto Couplers - Timber Shunters Steps.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 Gen 1972+ Auto Couplers - Mesh Shunters Steps.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 - Gen - 1920s-1930s - Transition Screwlink couplers (Screwlink coupler in auto coupler 'draft box').
- VR I Wagon Type 17 - I7847 - 1920s - 3 link couplers - full length tarpaulin bar - 'Split Spoke' wheels.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 - I10097 - 1926-1930s - Transition Couplers - removable 'full length' tarpaulin bar  extension.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 - I10050-DS NPT-NBL - 1972 - Auto Couplers  - Disc Wheels - lettered for service between Newport Workshops and North Ballarat Workshops.
- VR I Wagon Type 17 I14946 - Hopper - 1972+ - Auto Couplers - Disc Wheels - Briquette Hopper fitted - lettered for Direct Service between Morewell and Wangaratta.



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