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$39.99 USD
Overhauled, reworked and updated to TRS19 Standards TRS19 update includes: New TRS19 Track New TRS19 Scenery 4 x Bran New sessions New detailed TRS19 rolling stock At the confluence of the Kicking Horse and Columbia rivers lies Golden, British Columbia. At K.C.Junction just north of town, two Canadian Pacific Railway subdivisions...
$29.99 USD $65.89 USD
The Conrail Locomotive Pack contains 11 highly detailed and stunning locomotives from Jointed Rail. ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $65.89 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Locos included in this bundle are: EMD SD80MAC EMD SD70MAC EMD SD60M EMD SD60 GE C30-7A EMD SD45 - Penn Central Patch EMD SD45 EMD SD40-2...
$29.99 USD
This bundle includes the TE7-083, TE3-1072 and the TE3-2068 Russian locos.  The legendary TE7 and TE3 locomotives are made in compliance with the highest standards for quality and precision. These are replicas of the locomotive TE7 and TE3 series.  Photo-realistic graphics / textures and geometry has been recreated as accurately as possible the...
$39.99 USD
Overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards TRS19 updates includes: New TRS19 Track New TRS19Scenery 10 x Brand New sessions New detailed rolling stock including Orient Express The prototypical route represents the FerrovieNord line linking Brescia to Pisogne, at the mouth of the Camonica Valley, passing through the Franciacorta area, Iseo and...
$39.99 USD
Overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards The Edinburgh - Dundee line is a mixture of different routes but generally called here as being part of the East Coast Main Line. This well known route includes the Forth and Tay rail bridges and the stunning scenery along the Firth of Forth...
$24.99 USD
In September 1995, National Rail awarded a contract to A Goninan & Co for 80 locomotives, which later became 120. NR1–NR60 were built at Broadmeadow, and NR61–NR120 were constructed at Bassendean. The frames were built at Hexham and the bogies at Goninan's Lansdowne Engineering subsidiary in Taree.The first locomotive to...
$39.99 USD
Tidewater Railroad is a shortline railroad running from a crude oil terminal in the south by the river to an intermodal terminal in the North. Extra CSX and Norfolk Southern traffic also use the 9 mile sprint to the looping yard at Tidewater station. Sessions Include: Container deliveryWelcome to the...
$24.99 USD
The goal: to divert international traffic between Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland to its own routes. The solution: the Rheingold! If you wanted to be competitive and flush the money into your own country, you had to think ahead: in 1928, the German Reichsbahn therefore acquired some Pullmann coaches...
$34.99 USD $64.96 USD
BUNDLE AND SAVE Silver Class Members save 10% Extra Gold Class Members save 25% Extra ________________________________________________________________ Norfolk Southern decided to update the 1980's SD60s to improve safety and update the units with electronic controls. Power increased from 3800HP to 4000HP. There have been a number of special liveries created and...
$29.99 USD
Coal and underground mining A small module showcasing a set of content designed for representing underground mining scenes and particularly the underground transport of coal and other ores plus mining equipment and personnel. It includes mining locomotives and rolling stock plus a range of infrastructure such as tunnel splines, tracks,...
$39.99 USD
The Ferrovia Appennino Centrale, or Central Apennine Railway, was a narrow gauge railway in Italy. The entire route as it existed in 1899 has been carefully reconstructed in Trainz using custom made assets ONLY (vegetation and textures being the only exceptions). The railway connected Arezzo, a city in Tuscany on...
$34.99 USD
The Eastern Range High-altitude farming and ranching have always thrived on the Eastern Range. Despite challenges from declining food prices, a shift to sustainable practices after the millennium has yielded high-quality grain and dairy products in the border region with Canada. There was a push to shift the flow of...
$24.99 USD
Jump aboard the famous Blue Comet passenger train, hauled by the CNJ's powerful G3s Pacific's in blue or black liveries, or the later weathered version as the P47 class. The package includes the Baldwin G3s Pacific locomotive in early condition, in both blue and black liveries, and a custom cab...
$39.99 USD
The Harvard Subdivision was previously owned and operated by the Chicago and Northwestern railroad until the merge in 1995 with the now known railroad as Union Pacific. The line goes from Chicago, Illinois to Evansville, Wisconsin which is approximately 102 miles apart. Out of the 102 miles, approximately 85 miles...
$29.99 USD
Give the Gift of Trainz Want to buy someone else a copy of TRS22 or TRS19? Simply choose from one of our Gift Card options which can be used just like real money on the Trainz Store.    Gift cards are sent to your MyTrainz email address and can be forwarded to your...
$29.99 USD
The Milton Valley Railroad (MVR) is a fictional railroad based in North Carolina, its reach extending at the height of its power all the way north to Canada and south to Georgia. The MVR as represented in this route is currently in the 1960s transitional era, featuring both diesel and...
$24.99 USD
Manufactured from 1988 until 1989 at the "VEB Waggonbau Goerlitz" factory in Germany, these double-decker cars were and still are used for regional passenger transport in Poland, although many(if not all) were modernized. They are 26,8m in length, sit on Gorlitz VI bogeys with disk brakes, have a top speed...
$22.99 USD
Manufactured from 1988 until 1989 at the "VEB Waggonbau Goerlitz" factory in Germany, these doubledecker cars were and still are used for regional passenger transport in Poland, although many(if not all) were modernised. They are 26,8m in length, sit on Gorlitz VI bogeys with disk brakes, have a top speed...
$34.99 USD
The unrivaled pioneering spirit that led the railroad builders to lay the urgently needed rail line through Elk Canyon to Elk River and from Badgers Burrow to Fox Canyon had spurred them on to great deeds. Now, however, it was finally time to complete the route to the Canadian border.The...
$24.99 USD
“The Interurban is a type of electric railway, with streetcar-like electric self-propelled rail cars which run within and between cities or towns. They were very prevalent in North America between 1900 and 1925 and were used primarily for passenger travel between cities and their surrounding suburban and rural communities. “For...
$24.99 USD
The New Haven Industrial Model Railroad is a small US industrial themed route. CSX services this area, and due to the tight curves within the area, the only locomotives that are capable to service the industries are SW1200, and / or SW1500 locomotives, as anything above might get stuck, or...