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  • TRS19
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  • TANE SP1
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$29.99 USD
East European railway. The route runs along the vast expanses of the Ukraine among the picturesque fields, forests and villages.A large map which is busy with many passenger and freight trains. There are short stretches of track between local stations and long runs for high-speed passenger trains. There are small...
$24.99 USD
British Model Railway is a United Kingdom themed model train layout with small towns and a taste of the UK countryside while keeping you busy on this highly detailed layout. Shunt in the yards, provide passenger service, or just drive a freight train on the mainline - there will be...
$39.99 USD
This route expands upon the original "TANE" Canadian Rocky Mountains - Columbia River Basin route and updates much of the scenery and utilizes new TRS19 parallax ground textures. Now with a total of 97 miles, an additional 34 miles of track has been added to continue your run at high altitude...
$39.99 USD
Route includes 4 Sessions. "The Canadian Pacific Railway Mountain Sub itself ( Rogers Pass being a separate subsection ) stretches over 300 km East-West. Starting at Ottertail just SE of Field. This takes more than 10+ hours non-stop driving obeying rules and signals and negotiating grades and the trip ends...
$39.99 USD
This route starts in the west, from the Canadian Rocky Mountains Beavermouth to Ottertail route's eastern end, and runs through to the south of Castle Junction. The famous U spiral tunnels lead you through the Continental Divide, Lake Louise, Eldon Siding onto Castle Junction siding and industries. Each segment/route brings...
$39.99 USD
This all new CPR route covers the Canadian Rocky Mountains from Viktor Lake east of Revelstoke all the way to the famous CPR tunnels McDonald and Connaught. Enjoy the scenery and master this challenging section of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, whilst obeying signals and speed limits. Switching lovers can head...
$19.99 USD
Located somewhere in the United States of America, The Centrella Sub Division mainline track makes its way through the mountains to the countryside where farm fields are found. At least 50 trains uses this track as a shortcut to go from the west to the east and vice versa as...
$39.99 USD
Welcome to Coal Country! Now upgraded to TRS19 standards! ( requires TRS19 ) Take a trip through the heart of the Appalachian coal fields.  This fictional route, create by Jointed Rail, is complete with a brand new Railroad, locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery items.  This compact route is filled with action packed details....
$24.99 USD
The Coalmint Mountains Railroad (CMR) is based in Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1950s. There are many steep grades to climb, and even more tight corners to wind as you explore the majesty of the Appalachian Mountains in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all by rail. The CMR...
$0.00 USD
This is the original route created by Bob Cooper for Trainz A New Era. It is compatible with TRS19 but should not be confused with the updated TRS19 version which is part of the Full, Platinum and UK Editions or individually at: Trainz Route: Cornish Mainline and Branches ( TRS19 )....
$24.99 USD
From the creator of Coal Country and Eagle River Railway - Be sure not to miss this compact, but challenging AI friendly layout! Either sit back and enjoy constant track side action watching trains follow the various loops through towns, industries (and walls!), or take control to complete any of...
$39.99 USD
The Ferrovia Appennino Centrale, or Central Apennine Railway, was a narrow gauge railway in Italy. The entire route as it existed in 1899 has been carefully reconstructed in Trainz using custom made assets ONLY (vegetation and textures being the only exceptions). The railway connected Arezzo, a city in Tuscany on...
$9.99 USD
Florida Rail Road Museum Model Railroad presented by CDE Trainz This route is built with TRS19 SP3. The route includes two sessions. A Tour session and an unlocked Base session. 10% of CDE Trainz net revenue for this route will will be donated to the Florida Railroad Museum or FRRM....
$39.99 USD
The Harvard Subdivision was previously owned and operated by the Chicago and Northwestern railroad until the merge in 1995 with the now known railroad as Union Pacific. The line goes from Chicago, Illinois to Evansville, Wisconsin which is approximately 102 miles apart. Out of the 102 miles, approximately 85 miles...
$19.99 USD
Industrial Mayhem by CDE Trainz Large Route with plenty for beginners to advanced Trainz players. Utilizing the latest technologies such as PBR textures and NVIDIA TurfFX effects, this route delivers. Compatible with TRS19, TRS22 and beyond. Fictional route built in the rust belt of the United States. This map has...
$9.99 USD
Somewhere in Canada, in the city of Longview, offers a challenging industrial park that will challenge the train crews critical thinking skills to navigate and properly spot the freight cars.Industrial Switching is an industrial themed route servicing 15 industries. The track is owned and maintained by Canadian Nation which services...
$29.99 USD
Overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards This package is bursting with Jointed Rail rolling stock updated to the latest high quality TRS19 standards, and works equally well in TRS22 and Trainz Plus! NOTE: This content is included in the following bundles: TRS19 World Edition (original version) TRS19 NA Edition Package includes:...
$39.99 USD
Hills, forests, countryside - all to be expected in the Midwest. Operate long freights, stop at each station with Amtrak, or run locals and service the industries. With over 420 miles of tracks to be explored and over 71 industries to be serviced along with several industries that can be...
$29.99 USD
The Milton Valley Railroad (MVR) is a fictional railroad based in North Carolina, its reach extending at the height of its power all the way north to Canada and south to Georgia. The MVR as represented in this route is currently in the 1960s transitional era, featuring both diesel and...
$3.99 USD
One of my favourite lines is the Geneva Sub. This route comes to Trainz using the track plan based on Daryl Kruse's layout featured in the Model Railroad Planning 2013 issue and the September 2016 issue of Model Railroader. The Geneva Sub once was owned by the CN&W railroad until...
$24.99 USD
The New Haven Industrial Model Railroad is a small US industrial themed route. CSX services this area, and due to the tight curves within the area, the only locomotives that are capable to service the industries are SW1200, and / or SW1500 locomotives, as anything above might get stuck, or...