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$9.99 USD
This is a Model Trainz layout with new TRS19 track, all seasonal 3D PBR textures, TurfFX grasses and seasonal SpeedTrees.The railroad serves a diverse range of industries and factories in the Smoke Stack industrial regions of Chuck, Ewe and Pharlie. These include a steel mill, timber wharf, dry sort yard,...
$2.99 USD
It is a mini model railroad with a track gauge of 1520mm. The map is highly detailed and has a good variety of scenery. Includes 2 small sessions with passenger trains.
$34.99 USD
In the late 19th centrury the american and canadian railroad companies were working on the expansion of their railroad network in the norther region of the Rocky Mountians. Driven by the enormous profits of the resources in these region, they spare no efforts and costs to lay tracks in these...
$24.99 USD
The New Haven Industrial Model Railroad is a small US industrial themed route. CSX services this area, and due to the tight curves within the area, the only locomotives that are capable to service the industries are SW1200, and / or SW1500 locomotives, as anything above might get stuck, or...
$34.99 USD
In the late 19th century, the Union Pacific decided to open up the regions of northern Wyoming, especially the resource-rich areas around the Yellowstone Mountains, for the railway starting from Rock Springs. The Rock Spring-based Yellowstone Mountain & Central Railroad was founded to distribute the entrepreneurial risk for the main...
$39.99 USD
The Ferrovia Appennino Centrale, or Central Apennine Railway, was a narrow gauge railway in Italy. The entire route as it existed in 1899 has been carefully reconstructed in Trainz using custom made assets ONLY (vegetation and textures being the only exceptions). The railway connected Arezzo, a city in Tuscany on...
$34.99 USD
The Pigtail Line The Pigtail Line (Sauschwänzlebahn) takes you from Blumberg to Weizen, passing 6 tunnels and 4 viaducts along this 25.5 kilometres route. It is a section of the Wutach Valley Railway (Wutachtalbahn) in the southern Black Forest, which connects the High Rhine Railway (Hochreinbahn) with the Black Forest...
$34.99 USD
Experience the historic meter-gauge Brockenbahn on PC.  Since 1898, the Brocken has thus been accessible by rail - with the exception of the border division between the BRD and the GDR - and is today almost exclusively driven by steam locomotives. With a length of 19 km and 50 minutes...
$24.99 USD
From the creator of Coal Country and Eagle River Railway - Be sure not to miss this compact, but challenging AI friendly layout! Either sit back and enjoy constant track side action watching trains follow the various loops through towns, industries (and walls!), or take control to complete any of...
$39.99 USD
Hills, forests, countryside - all to be expected in the Midwest. Operate long freights, stop at each station with Amtrak, or run locals and service the industries. With over 420 miles of tracks to be explored and over 71 industries to be serviced along with several industries that can be...
$24.99 USD
British Model Railway is a United Kingdom themed model train layout with small towns and a taste of the UK countryside while keeping you busy on this highly detailed layout. Shunt in the yards, provide passenger service, or just drive a freight train on the mainline - there will be...
$19.99 USD
Set in the northern regions of the USA, this fictional railroad through a steep mountain valley in a cold summer climate, and spruce forests. With steep gradients (up to 5%), and a total height difference of over 500 meters across the route, you will be working your locomotives hard to...
$9.99 USD
A fictional route representing a US shortline or branchline, located among Pine forests, with a small logging industry. The map is highly detailed, with TurfFX grass and PBR textures. Includes 2 freight train sessions.
$19.99 USD
Industrial Mayhem by CDE Trainz Large Route with plenty for beginners to advanced Trainz players. Utilizing the latest technologies such as PBR textures and NVIDIA TurfFX effects, this route delivers. Compatible with TRS19, TRS22 and beyond. Fictional route built in the rust belt of the United States. This map has...
$19.99 USD
    Znamensk-Svir: A fictional route, built on the motives of the North-West of Russia. The Znamensk-Svir section is a two-track electrified section of alternating current with a length of 70 kilometers. The fleet of rolling stock is represented by: passenger electric locomotives: ChS8, ChS4T, EP1M; freight electric locomotives: 2ES5K,...
$9.99 USD
Somewhere in Canada, in the city of Longview, offers a challenging industrial park that will challenge the train crews critical thinking skills to navigate and properly spot the freight cars.Industrial Switching is an industrial themed route servicing 15 industries. The track is owned and maintained by Canadian Nation which services...
$3.99 USD
One of my favourite lines is the Geneva Sub. This route comes to Trainz using the track plan based on Daryl Kruse's layout featured in the Model Railroad Planning 2013 issue and the September 2016 issue of Model Railroader. The Geneva Sub once was owned by the CN&W railroad until...
$34.99 USD
Upgraded to take advantage of new features in TRS19, the VR Healesville 1913-1920 TRS19 route features TurfFX, Ground Clutter, Parallax ground textures, many new scenic details, new locomotives and rolling stock, and new sessions. This period route represents the last 20 miles of the Melbourne outer suburban line to Healesville,...
$7.99 USD
Model Trainz: NSW Rails is an N scale model train layout set in the late 90’s early 2000’s of the New South Wales (NSW) region of Australia. Grab your favourite NSW (or VR / V/ Line) locomotive and rolling stock and drive down the tracks through the Australian countryside and...