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  • Locomotive
  • Consist
  • Route
  • Session
Compatible With
  • TRS22
  • TRS19
  • TANE
  • TANE SP1
  • TANE SP2
  • TS12 SP1
  • TS12
  • TS2010
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$17.50 USD $395.00 USD
Trainz 2022 Platinum Edition  
$11.99 USD $19.99 USD
RDC stands for rail diesel car, the self-propelled, stainless steel cars designed, developed and built by The Budd Company.  Budd RDCs are powered by two underfloor diesel engines supplied by the Detroit Diesel Engine Division of General Motors. The cars operate in either direction as single units, or in any...
$13.74 USD $24.99 USD
LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado As steam locomotives were withdrawn from the railways of the UK, steps were taken to spare many of them from the cutter's torch. Notable examples of LNER express locomotive designs entered preservation. Several A4 Pacifics were rescued including the world famous Mallard, an A3...
$13.74 USD $24.99 USD
In 1971 Amtrak took control of most of the USA's inter city passenger services, initially leasing equipment from existing railroads. Aiming to rescue dwindling passenger traffic through rationalization of services and investment in equipment, Amtrak invited proposals for a modern long distance passenger car design. Impressed with the Budd built...
$13.74 USD $24.99 USD
Jump aboard the famous Blue Comet passenger train, hauled by the CNJ's powerful G3s Pacific's in blue or black liveries, or the later weathered version as the P47 class. The package includes the Baldwin G3s Pacific locomotive in early condition, in both blue and black liveries, and a custom cab...
$13.74 USD $24.99 USD
Jump on board the British Rail Intercity 125, aka the HST, in it's classic bright blue and yellow livery along with the modern recreation Midland Pullman livery! The Inter-City 125 HST set includes one of the first plus one of the most recent HST configurations:• HST train set c1980 in...
$39.99 USD
The opening of the high-speed line in the Schwäninger Land region has connected this popular locale more closely to the rest of the Federal Republic of Germany; modern high-speed trains such as the ICE 4 are the main passenger trains you'll experience on this route. This fictional German route contains...
$0.00 USD
This is the Kickstarter County II route for TRS19 rolled up into a package for TRS22 users to claim, install and play for free.
$39.99 USD
Denver to Hot Sulphur Springs The Denver and Salt Lake Railway was incorporated as the Denver, Northwestern and Pacific (DN&P) Railway in 1902 under the presidency of railroad tycoon David Moffat with the goal of building a railroad west from Denver to Salt Lake City.  Well aware of the challenges...
$15.00 USD $69.99 USD
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022  
$39.99 USD
The horse drawn Liskeard and Caradon Railway was opened during the 1840s to transfer ores from the Caradon mining district and granite from Cheesewring to the northern end of the Liskeard and Looe Union Canal at Moorswater. From there cargos were transported on barges to the inlet at Looe for...
$29.99 USD
Give the Gift of Trainz Want to buy someone else a copy of TRS22 or TRS19? Simply choose from one of our Gift Card options which can be used just like real money on the Trainz Store.    Gift cards are sent to your MyTrainz email address and can be forwarded to your...
$24.99 USD
Purchase once, unlock for both TANE and TRS19. TRS19 Version Experience one of the most powerful Chinese locomotives ever made with the China Railway QJ class locomotive. Used by China Railways from the 1970s, the QJ was a type of mainline heavy freight train. Beginning life in the Datong locomotive factory...