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$19.99 USD $67.96 USD
This fantastic collection of Amtrak Phase II to Phase V locos is a must-have for every North American rail fan. "Phases" relate to the livery (paint style) of the locos through the various different eras of the USA's national rail network operator. ----- TO PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $67.96 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE -...
$19.99 USD $32.98 USD
EXTRA VALUE ADDED - Original Route & Sessions + 2 x Additional Bonus Sessions Already own Balezino-Mosti Route? Click HERE for the 2 new sessions. ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $32.98 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! A route in the extent of 57 km between Balezino and Mosti, Russia. Beautifully detailed...
$19.99 USD $29.96 USD
This BNSF EMD Bundle comprises 4 x EMD Loco Packs ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $28.96 ------ ----- BUNDLE PRICE JUST: $19.99 ------ Locos included in this bundle are: BNSF EMD SD40-2 (Individual Price - RRP $5.99) BNSF EMD SD70MAC Executive Patch (Individual Price - RRP $11.99) BNSF EMD SD70MAC - Heritage (Individual Price - RRP $5.99)...
$19.99 USD $36.94 USD
The Burlington Northern Locomotive Pack contains 6 stunning, highly detailed locomotives from Jointed Rail.  ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $36.94 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Locos included in this bundle are: BN EMD SD70MAC BN EMD SD60M BN EMD SD60 BN EMD SD40-2B BN EMD SD40-2 BN EMD GP38-2
$19.99 USD $67.50 USD
This bundle includes the full series of 9 unique CO17 Russian locos.  ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $67.50 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! The CO Series (Sergo Ordzhonikidze, axle load 17 tonnes) was designed for medium loads and working on lines with light rail. Built from 1934 to 1951 at the...
$29.99 USD $65.89 USD
The Conrail Locomotive Pack contains 11 highly detailed and stunning locomotives from Jointed Rail. ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $65.89 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Locos included in this bundle are: EMD SD80MAC EMD SD70MAC EMD SD60M EMD SD60 GE C30-7A EMD SD45 - Penn Central Patch EMD SD45 EMD SD40-2...
$19.99 USD $35.97 USD
Do you love operating passenger services (or perhaps even just riding the rails watching the world go by. This bundle offers 3 great trainsets for one low price. BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Silver Class Members save 10% Extra Gold Class Members save 25% Extra Bundle Includes: Rheingold 1962...
$19.99 USD $51.95 USD
This Euro Bundle delivers a fantastic selection of European locos, rolling stock and sessions. ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $51.95 ------ BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Silver Class Members save 10% Extra Gold Class Members save 25% Extra Locos included in this bundle are: Grab two quality locos and three incredibly detailed and customisable...
$19.99 USD $38.98 USD
Go back in time to the time when train travel meant putting on your suit and top hat and enjoying comfort and luxury like never seen before!This bundle includes two incredibly detailed trainsets with customisations galore:Orient Express (RRP $19.99)Rheingold 1962 (RRP $19.99) BUY THE BUNDLE - SAVE A BUNDLE!!! Silver Class...
$29.99 USD $63.96 USD
Locomotives Volume 1 is a compilation of four of our most popular Trainz DLC addons in a nostalgic tribute brimming with the splendour and excitement of the steam era.  Carefully researched and exquisitely detailed, this premier collection is a must have addition for your Trainz collection. ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $63.96 ------ ----- BUNDLE PRICE...
$34.99 USD $64.96 USD
BUNDLE AND SAVE Silver Class Members save 10% Extra Gold Class Members save 25% Extra ________________________________________________________________ Norfolk Southern decided to update the 1980's SD60s to improve safety and update the units with electronic controls. Power increased from 3800HP to 4000HP. There have been a number of special liveries created and...
$24.99 USD $285.00 USD
Upgrade from Trainz A New Era with the Platinum Edition Bundle. If you already own Trainz A New Era but would like to add this huge list of amazing content to your collection, we've put together this special Platinum Bundle just for you! If you do not own Trainz A...
$29.99 USD
This bundle includes the TE7-083, TE3-1072 and the TE3-2068 Russian locos.  The legendary TE7 and TE3 locomotives are made in compliance with the highest standards for quality and precision. These are replicas of the locomotive TE7 and TE3 series.  Photo-realistic graphics / textures and geometry has been recreated as accurately as possible the...
$39.99 USD
THIS ADD-ON PACK REQUIRES TRAINZ A NEW ERA. New users click here for the "Full Product" version of TMR. A whole new generation of "Trainz" based entertainment has arrived to Trainz A New Era (SP2 or above). This DLC bundle allows you to download all the below routes and sessions into Trainz A New Era...
$69.99 USD $395.00 USD
Trainz 2022 Platinum Edition  
$9.99 USD $39.99 USD
Trainz A New Era, first released in 2015, features an all new graphics engine taking advantage of the latest hardware technology. It introduces new graphics shaders and materials and brings new levels of realism and visual "eye candy". And the brand new Service Pack 3 version delivers 3 full years of...
$29.99 USD $327.00 USD
Includes Trainz A New Era SP4 + Platinum Content Bundle Looking for TRS19 Platinum Edition? Go here. The world’s favorite train and railroad simulator has been updated with new features and we've added tons of bonus content. With more than three years of improvements, plus all the traditional features Trainz has provided over...