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Compatible with: TRS19,

Trainz Simulator 2019

TRS19 delivers everything you've ever wanted in a train simulator, and much more:

  • Drive in simple or realistic modes
  • Issue Driver Commands to dozens of other trains
  • Operate an entire railroad
  • Run your routes alone or in co-operative multiplayer
  • Build your dream model layout or a 100 mile prototypical route
  • Download free content from the Trainz Download Station
  • Share your own creations with others

Membership Option:

Before purchasing TRS19 Platinum Edition, consider our Trainz Plus Membership for $69.49 p.a. including a First Class Ticket worth $34.99 p.a. plus ongoing feature updates ensuring you always have the latest version of Trainz.

*Internet Connection Required.


Explore Platinum Edition

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 SP1

Brand New Features
Over $200 of Additional Content

See Trainz from a whole new angle with walk, fly, drone, or car cams.

The latest and greatest version of Trainz goes Platinum and introduces a range of new features plus a huge collection of new, updated and recently released content. 

New to TRS19?

We've dropped the price of the original TRS19 "full" edition and TRS19 Regional editions - which version of Trainz will you choose?

    Explore hundreds of miles of track in the nine incredibly detailed routes and take charge of a huge variety of steam, diesel and electric powered locomotives.

    TRS19 "Platinum Edition" takes you way beyond just driving trains, as you set up a fully operating railroad, managing dozens of trains under AI control, following your every instruction. 

    Platinum Edition introduces new camera modes, the new "Unified Driver/Surveyor" mode so you can switch instantly between the world building tools and the driving simulation module, and a new Content Store Downloader to manage all your DLC.

    TRS19 Platinum Purchase Option Includes:

    • Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Service Pack 1 (RRP $69.99)
    • Brand New Features NEW WITH PLATINUM
    • 6 x "Original" TRS19 Routes 
    • 3 x Platinum Routes (RRP $60) NEW WITH PLATINUM
    • 10 x Platinum Locos (RRP $150+) NEW WITH PLATINMUM
    • New Rolling Stock
    • 196 Locomotives 
    • 1191 Rolling Stock Vehicles
    • Over 20,000 Assets in Total
    • Thousands of miles of track 
    • A lifetime of enjoyment!

    TOTAL VALUE $279 - Save 75%



      New Platinum Edition Features

      New Camera Options and Controls
      Take a new look at Trainz from walk, fly, drone or car cams in both Driver and Surveyor.

      Unified Driver / Surveyor Functionality
      Switch instantly between "Editor mode" and "Driver mode"

      Content Store Downloader
      Search, manage, install and uninstall your DLC items


      TRS19 Routes & Content

      Each route utilises all the latest TRS19 content and features and is fully editable by you!

      TRS19 SP1
      Included with TRS19 SP1 is the the content from each of the three TRS19 "Regional" Editions. 

      TRS19 Platinum Edition 
      Included in Platinum edition is the TRS19 SP1 content set PLUS 3 Bonus Routes PLUS a huge range of additional locos and rolling stock.


      KICKSTARTER COUNTY 2 (all versions)





      For more information on North American Edition click here.

      SEBINO LAKE, ITALY (EU Edition)


      NIDDERTALBAHN - TRS19 (EU Edition)


      For more information on European Edition click here.



      EDINBURGH - DUNDEE (UK Edition)

      For more information on United Kingdom Edition click here.

      Additional Platinum Edition Routes:

      Platinum Edition includes all the above routes plus three bonus routes shown below.


      Running through the Belarusian Woodlands, with beautiful landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, this single track railway features several large stations and train connections. Recreating the 1970s period, when steam locomotives were used on the railway, this route covers a total length of 90km.


      The Innter Kohn Necktion Railroad has both a standard gauge and narrow gauge for this superb TRS19 model railroad "operations" layout.


      Midwestern Branch is primarily a industrial route based upon freight operations in the "breadbasket" region of the USA. While the main line is owned and operated by BNSF, the branch line uses ex-Milwaukee Road units in both SD40-2 and GP38-2 styles to help serve the industries that are in the towns of Littleport, Levitt, Cylinder, and Mill Town. Includes over 500 individual boxcars, reefers, tankers, hoppers, hycubes, gondolas and wagons!

      Platinum Edition Locos and Rolling Stock:

      BR & LMS Duchess Trainsets (TRS19 update) (RRP $20)
      • PBR Updates that shine in TRS19
      • LMS Duchess Black post-war
      • LMS Duchess Red pre-war
      • LMS Duchess Red Preserved
      • BR Duchess Blue
      • BR Duchess Green
      • Duchess Red Post-war
      •  24 Stanier Period III Carriages in LMS Crimson and BR Crimson and Cream
      ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa (TRS19) (RRP $20)
      • Sebino Session - Frecciarossa 9705 heading to Venice
      • Sebino Session - Highspeed run at 300kmh
      Victorian Railways V499 - Baldwin Built (TRS19 - new) (RRP $20)
      • Brand new release and full PBR texturing
      • VR V499 Baldwin Early
      • VR V499 Baldwin Early Ten
      • VR V499 Baldwin Late
      • VR V499 Baldwin Late Ten
      • VR V499 Can Red
      • VR V499 Can Red Ten
      NYC J3a-Hudson Streamlined Dreyfuss (RRP $20)
      • Stylish high speed passenger haulers, the Hudsons were commonly in charge of New York Central's famous 20th Century Limited and Empire State Express services
      RZD UZ RIC Wagons (TRS19 update)  (RRP $29)
      • RZD RIC Moscow-Warsaw 1
      • RZD RIC Moscow-Warsaw 2
      • RZD RIC Moscow-Warsaw 3
      • RZD RIC Warsaw-Moscow 1
      • RZD RIC Warsaw-Moscow 2
      • RZD RIC Warsaw-Moscow 3
      • UZ RIC Warsaw - Kiev 1
      • UZ RIC Kiev-Warsaw 1
      • UZ RIC Warsaw - Kiev 2
      • UZ RIC Kiev-Warsaw 2
      • UZ RIC Warsaw - Kiev 3
      • UZ RIC Kiev-Warsaw 3
      DRG Class 05 Steam (RRP $20)
      • 3DZ DRG Class 05 001
      • 3DZ DRG Class 05 002
      • Niddertalbahn Session - 3DZUG DRG Class 05 - S1501
      • Niddertalbahn Session - 3DZUG DRG Class 05 - S1502
      Nickel Plate Road S-2 Berkshire Steam Locomotive / Pere Marquette N-1 Berkshire - (TANE) (RRP $20)
      • NKP S-2
      • NKP S-2 Weathered
      • Pere Marquette N-1
      TE3 + TE7 loco bundle (TANE) (RRP $20)
      • TE3_1072_A
      • TE3_1072_B
      • TE7-083_A
      • TE7-083_B


      • 9 Routes
      • 196 Locos
      • 1191 Rolling Stock
      • 21,000+ items

      Additional Information

      Visit our Frequently asked Questions page for more help.

      Additional Notes:

      1. Requires Internet Connection - 12.5GB initial download plus 25GB for additional content downloaded in-game.

      2. System Specifications  - check your specs here.

      3. Mac Users:

      TurfFX is a feature that provides animated ground covers and currently works only on PC systems in DirectX mode. Your version will therefore operate the same as the PC version with "TurfFX disabled". 

      4. Gold Class Membership option

      As an alternative to ordering in the store, consider our Gold Class membership package offer. At just $14.99 per month, Gold Class includes:

      • Trainz A New Era & TRS19
      • Access to the entire Trainz DLC Collection
      • First look at new game features and DLC
      • Ongoing First Class Ticket (worth $35/p.a.)
      • 25% Store discount
      • Cancel any time


      Additional Information

      PC Minimum Specification

      MAC Minimum Specification



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