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Go back in time to the time when train travel meant putting on your suit and top hat and enjoying comfort and luxury like never seen before!

This bundle includes two incredibly detailed trainsets with customisations galore:
Orient Express (RRP $19.99)
Rheingold 1962 (RRP $19.99)


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Orient Express

The "King of the Trains" or the "Train of dreams"– there are a number of myths and legends about this particular train that everybody knows: the Orient Express. 

However, with all admiration it is often overlooked, that it was not merely a single train: the Orient Express consisted of several luxury trains and had its peak period in the 20s of the previous century. The enormous network linked Europe from Amsterdam to Constantinople (today known as Istanbul).


  • Orient-Express wagons for era 1 (brown) sleeper, dining and baggage wagon
  • Orient-Express wagons for era 2 (blue) sleeper, dining and baggage wagon
  • realistic sound
  • day and night version supporting more details (quivering light)
  • realistic passenger cabin (dining wagon only)
  • individual taillights at day and night
  • high resolution textures
  • more than 10 minutes of classical music included
  • support for passenger, luggage and mail products

Rheingold 1962:

It was the German equivalent to the famous Orient Express - the exquisite Rheingold. The German Reichsbahn introduced this luxury train as early as 1928, promising its illustrious passengers utmost comfort  and leaving nothing to be desired


  • Rheingold original version of 1962: highly detailed compartment and high-capacity coaches, dome and Humpback “Buckel” dining car included
  • Dome car with prospect pulpit - highly detailed passenger views for the dome and Humpback “Buckel” dining car included
  • Reflection, brilliance and depth properties included in the views
  • Different views allow a virtual "inspection" of the dome and dining cars including both storeys of the dome car (bar and viewing area)
  • Trainz industry support
  • Configurable destination signs
  • Animated brakes
  • Connected coupling
  • Supports tail-lights
  • Day and night version for a maximum detail degree
  • Includes two scenarios for the free "Niddertalbahn" route.
  • Sophisticated lettering
  • Interactive help menu


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