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In Game Downloadable Content (Requires Internet Connection)

Compatible with: TRS19, TANE SP2 & SP3, TANE SP1,

Requires Trainz Route: Niddertalbahn (Free)

Faster, higher, stronger – 3DZUG is upping the ante!
Eagerly awaited, now it's finally here: our brand new laadgs vehicle transporter!

You can again enjoy virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of task building. Different, and sometimes unusual, versions can be generated using the industry function. Carry small vans, containers or even a low-floor tram: it's entirely in your hands! Design the train just the way you want.

Once again, there is a highly detailed car awaiting you, with appropriate sound, train tail plates and dynamic numbers. Different individual configuration options ensure maximum gaming fun. For the first time, the car also adjusts its look to the wintery conditions. Two tasks for the Niddertal Railway are included in the delivery.

Come on board and experience maximum variety with great attention to detail!


  • Laadgs car transporter high quality
  • three different levels of cleanliness, customizable for each car
  • different highly detailed industry products (small vans, containers, low-floor tram) delivered in different colors
  • Flat spots can be activated per bogie
  • Laadgs car recognizes if it is loaded or empty and changes small details on it’s own
  • highly detailed car models and sophisticated lettering including more than 100 selectable UIC (international standardized wagon) numbers with corresponding check number
  • brand-new original sound including brake and coupling sound
  • consists included
  • two sessions included (Niddertalbahn available for free!)
  • visible European UIC coupling
  • tail lights
  • trainz industry support
  • winter layout clickable per train
  • interactive help system included
  • designed for T:ANE and TRS19


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