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In September 1995, National Rail awarded a contract to A Goninan & Co for 80 locomotives, which later became 120. NR1–NR60 were built at Broadmeadow, and NR61–NR120 were constructed at Bassendean. The frames were built at Hexham and the bogies at Goninan's Lansdowne Engineering subsidiary in Taree.

The first locomotive to be completed was NR61, which was trialled on 18 September 1996. The first Broadmeadow-built unit ran on 23 September 1996.

The early units were delivered without National Rail branding or logos, but later put into the full livery. Testing was carried out on the NSW Main Northern line between Werris Creek and Maitland, using ballast wagons and 442 class locomotives. Each locomotive was required to accumulate 10,000 kilometres of trouble-free running before being accepted. The final unit was delivered from Broadmeadow in February 1998.

Pacific National announced in September 2022 that the company had committed more than $160M AUD towards the overhauling of the company's NR class units.

In 1996 NR3 was involved in a fatal rail accident and was later re-numbered NR121, NR121 re-entered service in 2000. 
In 2019 NR80 was involved in a fatal rail accident and was later re-numbered NR122, NR122 re-entered service in 2021.

Pacific National run the Indian Pacific passenger train as apart of a contract with Great Southern Railways (Now Journey Beyond)
NR25, NR26, NR27, NR28 were the first 4 selected units, Then NR18 was introduced in a yellow Mark 2 livery. Once the Mark 3 Livery came out NR26, NR29 were painted, and NR18 became a Ghan loco. When the Mark 4 livery was introduced NR86 was added to the pool of locomotives in the Indian Pacific Scheme. In 2023 a Mark 5 livery was introduced with NR28 first to receive this livery as it was involved in a tree Vs train collision in north east Victoria, NR25, NR27 followed and more are to come. 

Information thanks to Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Rail_NR_class

These Locomotives Feature:
-Full PBR Texturing
-Highly Detailed Custom Cab
-Animated Doors
-Animated Windows
-Number Board and External Light Toggles
-Custom Scripting
-Emissive Lighting
-Custom Dynamic Brake Sounds
-Custom Locomotive Brake Sounds
-Custom Traction Motor Sounds
-Blinds Lowered/Raised Toggle
-Coupler Flag On/Off Toggle

Credit to S301, Scratchy, H222, lesley & itzmejane for beta testing these locomotives and providing feedback
Credit to S301 and GDennish for providing the locomotive with advanced scripting and features.
Credit to Graham Baker and Aaron Hobson for providing locomotive reference photos, locomotive information and helpful resources

Credit to Azervich for providing realistic locomotive engine physics 
Credit to all others who helped during production of this locomotive. 

Pack includes the following locomotives:
<kuid:804089:109540> JBR NR IP MKI 05+
<kuid:804089:109564> JBR NR28 IP MKIII 23+
<kuid:804089:109527> JBR NR IP MKIV 23+
<kuid:804089:109535> JBR NR IP MKII 12+
<kuid:804089:109526> JBR NR IP MKIII 23+
<kuid:804089:110169> JBR NR IP MKV 23+


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