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In 1971 Amtrak took control of most of the USA's inter city passenger services, initially leasing equipment from existing railroads. Aiming to rescue dwindling passenger traffic through rationalization of services and investment in equipment, Amtrak invited proposals for a modern long distance passenger car design. Impressed with the Budd built Hi-Level cars from ATSF which proved amply suitable for long distance service, the successful design would be a similar bilevel one.

An order for 235 Superliner I cars was placed with Pullman Standard in 1975 and deliveries began in 1978, the cars entering regular service early in 1979. A second order was placed with Bombardier for Superliner II cars in the early 1990s. Amtrak intends to retire and replace the well traveled Superliner fleet by 2032 at which point the Superliner I and II cars will be 50 and 40 years old respectively. 

The bi-level Superliner cars are the most heavily used passenger equipment in North America — the average car travels an annual distance equal to seven trips around the world.

The Amtrak Superliners DLC includes the following vehicles:

- AMTK P42DC Phase V

- Heritage Baggage (ex ATSF)

- Transition Sleeper

- Sleeper

- Diner

- Sightseer Lounge

- Coach

- Coach Baggage




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