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Compatible with:      Trainz Plus      TRS22      TRS19 SP5+     

In 1968, Commonwealth Railways (CR) placed an order for five 2237kW locomotives with Clyde Engineering to operate services on the Trans-Australian Railway from Port Pirie to Kalgoorlie. The first locomotive was completed in January 1970. CR placed two additional orders to result in a total of 17 CL Class locomotives being built, CL17 being delivered to CR in October of 1972.


In 1992, Australian National (AN) awarded a contract to Morrison-Knudsen Australia (MKA) to rebuild all of the CL Class Locomotives to two different versions of locomotive. Seven CLs were rebuilt into CLF Class Locomotives, and the remaining ten were rebuilt into CLP Class Locomotives.


The CLF and CLP Classes were rebuilt as 3,300hp locomotives, with an EMD V16-645E3C engine. Their starting tractive effort is 98,700lbs, with a continuous tractive effort of 60,634lbs at 14.9mph.


In mid 2019, the private operator known as Southern Shorthaul Railroad had purchased 4 locomotives; these being CLF1, CLF3, CLP9 and CLP12. They were all in service by 2023.


This pack features:

  • SSR CLF1 20+ - This variant is in Southern Shorthaul Railroad’s iconic yellow and black livery, and carries the name of ‘Milton Bromwich,’ one of SSR’s managing directors.

  • SSR CLF3 20+ - This variant is in Primer White with SSR logos, and has been named Space Ghost, with an outline image of Space Ghost, from the 1990s series ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ on the sides.

  • SSR CLP9 23+ - This variant has been painted into a special Auscision Models livery, and has been named Peter Wilks.

  • SSR CLP12 20+ - This variant is in Primer White with SSR logos, and has been named Casper, with an outline image of Casper the Friendly Ghost on the sides.

These brand new CLF/CLP Class Locomotives for Trainz include the following features:

-Scripted Dynamic Breaking Throttle
-Full PBR Texturing
-Highly Detailed Custom Cab with scripted Combined Power Handle
-Animated Doors

-Animated Windows
-Illuminated Number Board and External Light Toggles
-Emissive Lighting
-Custom Scripting
-Custom Dynamic Brake Sounds
-Custom Locomotive Brake Sounds
-Custom Traction Motor Sounds
-Blinds Lowered/Raised Toggle
-Coupler Flag On/Off Toggle

Credit to Zec and Brendan for providing the locomotive with advanced scripting and features.
Credit to Graham Baker and Em Geddes for providing locomotive reference material, including diagrams, information and photos.
Credit to Azervich for providing realistic locomotive engine physics.
Credit to all others who helped during production of this locomotive.



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