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In Game Downloadable Content (Requires Internet Connection)

Compatible with:      TRS19      TANE SP2 and Above     

9 Railroads - 27 Different skins - 13 Commodities

For Trainz A New Era and TRS19.

Mechanical Refrigerator (Reefer) package includes cars from the following railroads:

ARMN (Union Pacific Railroad Co.),
BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Inc.),
CEFX (CIT Equipment Finance Corporation), 
TILX (Trinity Industries Leasing),
SPFE (Pacific Fruit Express), 
BNFE (Burlington Northern Railroad), 
TPIX (Tropicana Products), 
CRYX (Cryo-Trans),
and AMTK (Amtrak).

Each reefer has various products and textures, animation, running numbers, and sound.

Included Assets:


<kuid2:218873:1097:6> DIC-Reefer AMTK 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1068:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2a (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1084:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2 (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1060:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1083:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1067:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 1 (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1069:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2b (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1085:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 1a (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1070:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2c (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1071:3> DIC-Reefer ARMN 2d (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1093:6> DIC-Reefer ARMN 3 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1096:6> DIC-Reefer BNFE 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1088:3> DIC-Reefer BNSF 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1090:3> DIC-Reefer BNSF 1 (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1089:3> DIC-Reefer BNSF 2 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1091:3> DIC-Reefer BNSF 2 (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1092:3> DIC-Reefer BNSF 2a (grafitti)
<kuid2:218873:1081:3> DIC-Reefer CEFX (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1082:3> DIC-Reefer CEFX (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1072:3> DIC-Reefer CEFX (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1095:6> DIC-Reefer Chilled Express 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1114:3> DIC-Reefer CRYO
<kuid2:218873:1115:3> DIC-Reefer CRYO - Protecting Today (graffiti)
<kuid2:218873:1094:6> DIC-Reefer Southern Pacific 1 (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1086:3> DIC-Reefer TILX (clean)
<kuid2:218873:1087:3> DIC-Reefer TILX (dirty)
<kuid2:218873:1118:3> DIC-Reefer Tropicana


<kuid2:218873:1073:1> DIC-Maple Leafs Food
<kuid:186817:100393> Beer-Large Pallet of Falstaff Bottles
<kuid2:218873:1098:1> DIC-Frozen orange juice
<kuid:186817:100394> Beer-Large Pallet of Falstaff Minikegs
<kuid2:218873:1066:1> DIC-Fish on ice
<kuid2:218873:1107:1> DIC-Fish fillet
<kuid2:218873:1079:1> DIC-Meat Cow
<kuid2:218873:1063:1> DIC-Hochland-BP Corned Beef
<kuid2:218873:1064:1> DIC-Hochland-SP Corned Beef
<kuid2:218873:1080:1> DIC-Meat Pig
<kuid2:218873:1074:1> DIC-Pilgrims
<kuid2:218873:1075:1> DIC-Sanderson Farms
<kuid2:218873:1076:1> DIC-Tyson Food



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