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Hills, forests, countryside - all to be expected in the Midwest. Operate long freights, stop at each station with Amtrak, or run locals and service the industries. With over 420 miles of tracks to be explored and over 71 industries to be serviced along with several industries that can be configured to commodities of your choice, you’ll be running trains for hours non-stop.


Below are the subdivisions and railroads that runs on each division along with a description of each sub:
~ Freedom Sub: BNSF trackage
    Line runs between the towns of Blue Sky and Leadville. This line as the connection with the Afton Sub at the village of Jefferson.

~ Afton Sub: BNSF trackage
    Line runs between the farming community village at Jefferson to the outskirts of Hammond. Dark territory line so radio communications / scheduling is critical.

~ Stormont Sub: BNSF trackage
    Line runs between the wye located at Litchfield and the city of Stormont. BNSF services the industries at Litchfield and with the UP with local freight. The sub also connects with the Freedom Sub and the Windsor Sub at Blue Sky.

~ Windsor Sub: BNSF trackage
    Line runs between the town of Blue Sky and Windsor. During the run on the Windsor Sub, the line passes through scenic hills and open fields. It also passes by the exchange yard located in Lockwood and crosses over the Newbury Sub. At Lockwood Amtrak trains switch over between the Newbury Sub and Windsor Sub.

~ Newbury Sub: UP trackage
    The line runs between Newbury and Lawrence. The Newbury Sub is the longest single subdivision in the region and goes from the harbours at Newbury to Lawrence with interchange points along the way. The line crosses over the Windsor Sub at Lockwood. Under trackage agreements UP will take trains to the interchange yards located at Lockwood with either BNSF or CN. The second interchange location is at Litchfield with local freights that needs to go onto BNSF without having to go to Lockwood.

~ Highcrest Sub: CN trackage
    This line runs between Dourdan and Pleasant. CN trains travel from the Adams Sub at Pleasant through Lockwood to Dourdan and vice versa. This is the only sub that doesn’t cross any other railway’s tracks and the only interchange yard CN has with the other railways is at Lockwood.

~ Caledonia Sub: CN trackage
    This line runs between Lockwood and Fairview. Although most of the line has been torn up, it still sees local traffic to service the remaining industries at Fairview.

~ Adams Sub: CN trackage
    The line runs between Adams and Clarno. The sub doesn’t do much except interchange with the Highcrest located at Pleasant.

~~Amtrak trains operates on the Stormont Sub, Windsor Sub, and Newbury Sub.


Developed by Hiawathamr Trainz Add-ons



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