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The Milton Valley Railroad (MVR) is a fictional railroad based in North Carolina, its reach extending at the height of its power all the way north to Canada and south to Georgia.

The MVR as represented in this route is currently in the 1960s transitional era, featuring both diesel and steam traction.

The 60+ miles (100+ kilometres) of lines – both main and branch – I chose to model for this route not only cross the fertile plains, but also climb up steep mountain grades (up to 4.9%!), featuring many breathtaking views along the way. The city of New Penzance (the location of the MVR's headquarters) is also represented.

While the route does have a heavy focus on freight (featuring 2 large yards and industrial districts with working industries), there are of course plenty of varied passenger sessions as well. After all, who wouldn't want to take a scenic ride in a dome-car up to Silver Falls? And who doesn't occasionally need a commuter train to get from the terminus at New Penzance to Clayton Heights or New Washington?

Every featured product chain (of which there are many) begin and end on the map (no off-map producers/consumers are needed). Session difficulty ranges from easy freight and switching, to difficult mountain climbs and descents.

The entire route (barring some polish at the end) was fully built live on twitch: www.twitch.com/Sharadise
Archives of the building process may be viewed in a playlist on YouTube: www.youtube.com/@Sharadise

Total route length: 60+ miles (100+ kilometers)
Session count: 17 singleplayer, 1 multiplayer



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