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Compatible with:      Trainz Plus      TRS22      TRS19 SP5+     

From the creator of British Model Railway, Midwestern Rails, the Model Trainz series, and more, Hiawathamr Trainz Add-ons presents Swayfield Branch.

Swayfield Branch is a UK themed route set in the Midlands of the United Kingdon. On the southern end of the route is the main line that connects the branch line to the rest of the BR system which helps with moving goods in and out of the area along with passengers.

The city of Warrington is where the start of the branch line starts and where the exchange yard is located along with the 3-track terminus station for passengers wanting to change over from the branch passenger service to the mainline passenger service and vice versa. Goods from the branch line and entering the branch will always start and end their journey of the branch in the exchange yard. Warrington also has a engine yard to service the locomotives that come from either the branch line or the main line.

Heading north the branch line will go through the English countryside and forests while crossing over rivers while going on a twisting turning single branch line that is guarded by semaphore signals. Because the branch line is still active and still sees a good amount of activity despite its size AWS has been installed along the line for added security.

Hook Norton is a small city that also has another engine facility for the branch line locomotives and a small storage yard for additional storage.

Swayfield is the last town on the branch and is where the branch line ends. There isn’t much for freight activity but there is a goods shed and a small track that allows the crew to park their locomotives and passenger train for the return trip the next day.

This route is available on both TRS19, TRS22 & beyond, and TS3.
Developed by Hiawathamr Trainz Add-ons.



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