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Includes Trainz A New Era SP4 + Platinum Content Bundle

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The world’s favorite train and railroad simulator has been updated with new features and we've added tons of bonus content. With more than three years of improvements, plus all the traditional features Trainz has provided over the past 15+ years, the Platinum Edition is a must have for train fans.

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TOTAL VALUE $326.80 - Save 88%

  • Trainz A New Era Standard Edition (RRP $39.99)
  • 4 x TANE Deluxe Edition Routes (RRP $69.99)
  • 4 x Platinum Bonus Sessions for Std Edition Routes (RRP $63.96)
  • 4 x Platinum Bonus Routes (RRP $84.90)
  • 3 x Platinum Bonus Trainsets (RRP $59.97)
  • 30 Day First Class Ticket
  • 60+ Sessions (+ 10 Tutorials) 
  • 120+ Locomotives 
  • 600+ Rolling Stock Vehicles
  • 18,400+ Assets in total
  • Thousands of miles of track 
  • A lifetime of enjoyment!

NOTE: This product is a digital download only.

4 x Standard Edition Routes (RRP $39.99)

Chesapeake & Ohio RR, Hinton Division (United States, 1950)

Hinton Division, one of the major coal producing areas for the C&O, starts just west of Thurmond, WV through to Hinton, WV and includes 4 subdivisions. Laurel Creek, Piney Creek, Rend, and Loup Creek.

Sessions Include:

  • Thurmond Empties
  • Avis Yard Work
  • C&O Hinton Division - Multiplayer
  • BONUS SESSION C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 - New River Mining Coal Run (RRP $19.99)

Locos Include:

  • C&O Kanawha K-4 Steam
  • SW1500 IORY 1501 Indiana & Ohio Railway
  • C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 (Early)
  • C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 (Late)

ECML Kings Cross - (United Kingdom, 1976)

This edition delivers the full route from London Kings Cross Station all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland - a 393 mile drive! With significant updates to almost every feature, this route will transport you back in time to 1976.

Sessions Include:

  • Flying Scotsman
  • Freightliner
  • Multiplayer Session
  • BONUS SESSION: Newcastle Shunter (RRP $7.99)

Locos include:

  • BR Class 08 Blue
  • BR Class 37 Blue
  • BR Class 47 blue
  • BR Class 47 blue- silver roof
  • BR Class 105 DMB
  • BR Class 105 DTCL
  • BR Class 55 blue TOPS 1976
  • BR HST 125
  • BR Class 313 DMSO Blue & grey

Healesville - (Australia, 1910's)

A faithful recreation of the towns, stations, bridges and rural countryside of 1915 Australia. The line includes several notable features, including the 1.6 mile long timber trestle bridge over the Yarra River and flood plains between Yering and Yarra Glen and one of the very few tunnels on the Victorian Railways.

Sessions include:
  • Down Excursion Train - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Up Excursion Train - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Down Healesville Mixed
  • Up Healesville Mixed
  • Multiplayer Free Roam
  • BONUS LOCO: VR M Class 4-4-0 - Early 2 Tone Green (RRP $15.99)
Locos include:
  • VR EE T1 Can Red - 1903-1918
  • VR EE T1 WWI Red - 1918-1923
  • VR E T1 Can Red - 1903-1918
  • VR E T1 WWI Red - 1918-1924
  • VR D 92 Can Red - 1908-1918
  • VR New R T2 Can Red - 1903-1908
  • VR F Class 2-4-2t-SB-C
  • VR F Class 2-4-2t-NB-C
  • VR DD T2 Can Red W BG
  • VR DD T2 WW1 Red C BG

Kickstarter County

Based upon the famous Highland Valley route from the early days of Trainz, Kickstarter County has received a huge upgrade with new content, new track, new industries, and new high definition assets.

Sessions include:
  • 10 x Tutorial Sessions
  • Morning Run
  • FossilFuels
  • Trees for Life
  • Multiplayer Session
  • BONUS SESSION: USATC S160 Class Steam (RRP $19.99)

Locos include:

  • ATSF C30-7
  • ATSF GP60M
  • SP SD45
  • ATSF SD45
  • SP SD40T-2
  • EMD GP9 FEC #663
  • C&O Kanawha K-4 Steam
  • SW1500 IORY 1501 Indiana & Ohio Railway

4 x Deluxe Edition Routes (RRP $69.99)

Milwaukee Road Avery-Drexel (USA)

Discover the famous North American freight and passenger route, Milwaukee Road's transcontinental mainline over St. Paul Pass between Drexel, Montana and Avery, Idaho. Including Northern Pacific's Lookout Pass line between Haugan, Montana and Mullan, Idaho.

  • Multiplayer Session
  • MILW - Transcontinental Eastbound Freight Train (snowy winter)
  • MILW - Transcontinental Westbound Freight Train (summer time)
  • Northern Pacific's Lookout Pass Line (snowy winter)
  • Northern Pacific's Lookout Pass Line (summer time)
  • Locos include:
    • MILW-EF4
    • SD40-2-MILW
    • SD40-2-BN
    • MILW-SD40-2-176
    • EF1-29A
    • EF1-29B
    • EF1-29C

    Season Town Northern RR (USA)

    The aptly named Season Town in "somewhere USA" supports season change functionality. Control the weather and see how the route responds to the snow!

    • Multiplayer Session
    • Season Town Northern RR - Limestone Transportation (snowy winter)
    • Season Town Northern RR - Limestone Transportation (summer time)
    • Streetcar Museum Assoc - Lake Holiday line (summer time)
    • Streetcar Museum Assoc - Shopping Mall line (snowy winter)
    • Locos include:
      • TUME-58131001-PCC-MUNI-1052
      • TUME-58131002-PCC-SEPTA-2168
      • TUME-71402180-SD40-2-STN

      The Bidye Traction Railroad (Model Trainz)

      The Bidye Traction Railroad is a short line electric traction model railroad serving several inter-dependent industries. The industries served by the railroad include:
      • Lumber mill
      • Furniture factory
      • Grain mill
      • Commercial bakery
      • A paint and solvent factory
      • A metal can and container factory
      • A coal fired electricity plant

      The lumber mill, as an example, produces timber for the furniture works, and crates and pallets for the bakery, the metal can factory and the paint factory.  Some of the metal cans are used by the paint factory.  Milled grains are used by the bakery.

      • Easy Street
      • An Explorer
      • Freight Train Arrival
      • Steam Shift
      • Twas a dark
      • Multiplayer
      • Locos include:
        • kDB EB03 Traction Railroad
        • UP 0-6-0 #4609 TS12
        • Boxcab Electric
        • Traction Railroad #1
        • Tem II Knuckle Couplers
        • CBQ SD9 370 revised
        • EMD GP7 Missouri Pacific #227
        • EMD GP9 Central Vermont #4923
        • GP9 SP 5623 Black Widow

      Warwick - Wallangarra (Australia)

      This route runs the famous Southern railway in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. Set in 1990's era where a mix of Diesel freight and preserved steam trains frequent this route.

      • The Sydney Mail ( Multiplayer )
      • Passenger Run
      • Freight Run
      • Locos include:
        • NSWGR 36 Class Locomotive
        • QR BB18 1015MG
        • QR NG C-17 956 black
        • QDR C17 974 brown 3ft 6in

      4 x Bonus Routes: (Total Value - $84.90)

      Appen (UK - Model RR) (RRP $19.99)

      • Freight Service
      • Passenger Service
      • Locos include:
        • BR Class 37 Blue
        • BR Class 47 blue
        • BR Class 55 blue TOPS 1976
        • BR Class 105 DMB
        • BR Class 105 DTCL

      Chiyoda Branch Line (Japan) (RRP $15.99)

      • Delivery Time
      • Morning Run
      • Rush Hour

      Niddertalbahn (Germany)

      • Laadgs: Car Collector (RRP $7.99)
      • Laadgs: Cars for Stockheim
      • RB 17848 Stockheim - 3DZUG DBuz 747 (RRP $7.99)
      • RB 17858 Heldenbergen - 3DZUG DBuz 747
      • GZ 57451 - Shmmns Coil Wagon (RRP $7.99)
      • GZ 57413 - Shmmns Coil Wagon
      • Locos include:
        • BR 218.xxx-x Verkehrsrot
        • DB 628.4 Ep. V
        • DB 928.4 Ep. V
        • BR151 DB Cargo
        • BR W232.03 ITL
        • BR 232 157-4 DB
        • BR 143 069-3 RBH 117
        • BR 143 366-3 DB
        • BR 101 016-4
        • DB Railion V90 BR 294 311-5
        • DB BR 628 223-2
        • DB BR 928 396-2
        • DB_BR 234 606-2

      Balezino-Mosti (Russia) (RRP $24.99)

      • Balezino to Mosti - Night Passenger 618
      • Mosti to Balezino - Evening Passenger 617
      • Mosti to Balezino - Day Passenger 627
      • Balezino to Mosti - Day Passenger 628
      • Locos include:
        • CHME3-3172
        • CHS8-A & B Units
        • CHS4-042, 072, 072m, 153
        • CHS4t-519, 543
        • DM62-1804
        • DR1A-821g
        • ER9P-223m, 223g, 223p
        • ER9-697m, 697g
        • M62-1628, 1675
        • RZD VL60k - 1222
        • RZD VL80c - 992/975 A, B, C

      3 x Bonus Train Sets: (Total Value - $57.97)

      LMS Duchess Pack (RRP $15.99)

      The LMS Duchess pack is a high quality representation of the locomotives in LMS crimson and BR green liveries in unstreamlined guise.

      Such a stylish loco deserves a stylish consist and so providing the perfect accompaniment, is a set of fully featured LMS Period III Stanier coaches consisting of consisting of a Brake Third Corridor to Diagram 1905, a Third Open to Diagram 1904, and a First Corridor to Diagram 1930.


      Features Include:

      • 36 Duchesses in both LMS Crimson and BR Brunswick Green.
      • 24 Stanier Period III Carriages in both LMS Crimson and BR Crimson and Cream comprised of BTK to D1905, TO to D1904 and FK to D1930.
      • Authentically detailed loco cab and rideable passenger interiors.
      • Scripted couplers, steam heat and brake hoses compatible with existing S&C stock.
      • Scripted loco headcodes.
      • Scripted carriage lights and tail lamps

      LMS Coronation Scot Pack (RRP $15.99)

      The Coronation Scot celebrates the halcyon days of LMS passenger service in the 1930's. You’ll find 4 different LMS Princess Coronation locomotive liveries included:

      • Caledonian Railway blue
      • LMS Crimson
      • LMS Crimson with double chimneys
      • Wartime black with double chimneys.

      Attention to detail is important, so you’ll be able to see the authentically detailed locomotive cabs, and rideable passenger interiors of carriages. You’ll also be able to enjoy fully scripted couplers, steam heat and brake hoses compatible with existing S&C and LMS sets, scripted locomotive head-codes, locomotive numbers and name-boards, as well as carriage lights and tail pumps.

      Features Include:

      • Full consist of Coronation Scot coaches including:
        • BFK to D1961
        • FK to D1960
        • RFO to D1902
        • RK to D1912
        • TO to D1981
        • BTK to D1905
      • Stainer Period III carriages in both LMS Crimson and BR Crimson & Cream
        • BFK to D1910
        • RK to D1912
        • RFO to D1902.

      PRR T1 - A Fleet of Modernism (RRP $15.99)

      Witness the striking image of these shark nosed behemoths in their days of speeding the Fleet of Modernism cars to their destination on trains such as The Broadway Limited and The General. Step into the cab and take charge of these mighty horses, relax in the comfort of your roomette, or enjoy the view from the observation lounge.

      Features Include:

      • T1 Prototype Series Locomotives 6110 and 6111 with individual details.
      • T1 Production Series Locomotives 5500 - 5549 as delivered.
      • Scripted retractable couplers and hoses.
      • Scripted marker lamps 
      • Scripted road and builder's plate numbers.
      • All the latest smoke and sound features
      • Plus a custom cab interior.
      • PS18 'City Series' Roomette Sleeper.
      • POS21A 'View Series' Observation Lounge.
      • Federal, Metropolitan, Skyline, and Washington views.

      30 Day First Class Ticket (RRP $7.49)

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