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Compatible with:      TRS19      TANE SP2 and Above      TANE SP1     

Four Deluxe Routes for Trainz: A New Era

This in-game DLC pack contains all four great downloadable routes that come with the "Deluxe Version" of Trainz A New Era. 

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  • Avery Drexel (RRP$29.99)
  • Season Town (RRP$29.99)
  • Bidye Traction Railroad (RRP$24.99)
  • Warwick to Wallangarra (RRP$29.99)

Trainz Route: Avery Drexel

A simulation of the famous North American freight and passenger route, Milwaukee Road's transcontinental mainline over St. Paul Pass between Drexel, Montana and Avery, Idaho. Including Northern Pacific's Lookout Pass line between Haugan, Montana and Mullan, Idaho. Discover the winding tracks through the iconic snowy hills famous to this beautiful region.

Sessions Include:

  • Quick Drive – Choose your own train to drive!
  • MILW – Transcontinental Eastbound Freight Train (Snowy Winter)
  • MILW – Transcontinental Westbound Freight Train (Summer Time)
  • Northern Pacific’s Lookout Pass Line (Snowy Winter)
  • Northern Pacific’s Lookout Pass Line (Summer Time)
  • Multiplayer! 

Trainz Route: Season Town

The Season Town Northern Rail Road (STNRR) is based in fictional 'Season Town' situated somewhere in the East or Middle West of the USA. The aptly named Season Town supports season change functionality. Control the weather and see how the route responds to the snow!

The layout provides a mainline section as well as a 6 mile branch line connecting a limestone mine with a cement plant, as well as a streetcar network consisting of four branches.

Sessions Include:

  • Quick Drive
  • Multiplayer Session
  • Limestone Transportation - Snowy Winter
  • Limestone Transportation - Summer Time
  • Street Car Shopping Mall Line - Snowy Winter
  • Street Car Lake Holiday Line - Summer Time 

Trainz Route: Bidye Traction Railroad

The Bidye Traction Railroad is a short line electric traction model railroad serving several inter-dependent industries.

The industries served by the railroad include:

  • Lumber mill
  • Furniture factory
  • Grain mill
  • Commercial bakery
  • A paint and solvent factory
  • A metal can and container factory
  • A coal fired electricity plant

The lumber mill, as an example, produces timber for the furniture works, and crates and pallets for the bakery, the metal can factory and the paint factory.  Some of the metal cans are used by the paint factory.  Milled grains are used by the bakery.

Sessions Include:

  • Quick Drive – Choose your own train to drive
  • Easy Street
  • Freight Train Arrival
  • Twas a Dark 

*Additional information about the layout, including Standard Operating Procedures and a detailed map, can be found in the N3V Documents folder. 

Trainz Route: Warwick to Wallangarra

The Warwick to Wallangarra route runs the famous Southern railway in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. Set in 1990's era where a mix of Diesel freight and preserved steam trains frequent this route.

Wallangarra was created to service a break-of-gauge between Queensland's narrow gauge Southern railway line of 3ft. 6in. and New South Wales's standard gauge Main North railway line of 4ft. 8 1/2in. when the two systems came together in 1888.

The railway was the only rail link between Queensland and New South Wales until a standard gauge track was completed in 1932.

Sessions Include:

  • Quick Drive
  • Freight Run
  • Passenger Run
  • The Sydney Mail - Multiplayer


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