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In Game Downloadable Content (Requires Internet Connection)

Compatible with:      TRS19     

Overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards

TRS19 updates includes:

  • New TRS19 Track
  • New TRS19Scenery
  • 10 x Brand New sessions
  • New detailed rolling stock including Orient Express

The prototypical route represents the FerrovieNord line linking Brescia to Pisogne, at the mouth of the Camonica Valley, passing through the Franciacorta area, Iseo and the wonderful east coast of the Lake Iseo.

The highly detailed Brescia-Pisogne route is approximately 45 km (~30 miles) long and has been recreated using DEM data.

Other adjacent lines are also present:N3V Games
- the Bornato Calino - Rovato branch (6 km / 4 miles)
- the Brescia - Rovato section of the Milan-Venice main line (17 km / 10.5 miles)

Many assets faithfully represent real existing buildings and structures.

Lineside cameras are included on the entire route also.

Asset Feature Kuids


  • <kuid2:57230:100074:13> Sebino Lake, Italy (1980s)


  • <kuid2:523:19723761:1> Multiplayer Session
  • <kuid2:212731:8001:7> Brescia - Pisogne
  • <kuid2:212731:8003:6> Maintenance Service
  • <kuid2:212731:8002:6> Pisogne - Rovato Borgo
  • <kuid2:212731:501126:1> Pro Trainz® ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa 9705
  • <kuid:212731:501126> Pro Trainz® ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa 9705
  • <kuid2:212731:501407:6> Pro Trainz®: 'Orient Express Part 1' by 3DZUG
  • <kuid:212731:501127> Pro Trainz® ETR 1000 - Highspeed Run
  • <kuid2:212731:501408:3> Pro Trainz®: 'Orient Express Part 2' by 3DZUG
  • <kuid2:212731:8000:6> Rovato freight transport


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