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Compatible with:      TRS19      TANE SP2 and Above      TANE SP1     

This bundle includes a WWI era steel framed X23 boxcar and a United States Army Transportation Corps S160 Class designed for use in Europe during World War II for heavy freight work. 

US ATC S 160 (RRP $19.99)
PRR Boxcar (RRP $5.99)

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US ATC S 160 

3DZUG's USATC S 160 steam locomotive of the United States Army Transportation Corps guarantees you pure nostalgia and excites with fantastic detail using the most modern techniques to generate the original locomotive visuals. In addition, a realistic and fully functional cab awaits you whose age and experience can be seen and felt. Many more details like realistic sound and an energetic fireman are waiting to be discovered!


  • USATC S 160 steam engine in two versions plus tenders
  • Fully functional cab
  • Realistic sounds, realistic visual appearance and animations
  • Animated fireman
  • Support for winter looks (snow/ice; months January-March)

PRR Boxcar

Immerse yourself in a bygone era with the X23-boxcar from 3DZUG and experience the ancestor of many modern coaches from today in top quality.

Originating from the standard boxcar from 1912, the trendsetting X23-boxcar was expected to meet the future needs of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. For the first time in history, a 40 foot boxcar with a steel frame and wood panelling was developed.


  • PRR X23 boxcar wagon
  • High resolution textures
  • Customizable vehicle colors (4 colors)
  • 4 different high realistic materials (wooden and metal)
  • Realistic sound including coupler and brake sounds
  • Sophisticated lettering
  • Trainz industry support
  • Interactive help system included
  • Designed for T:ANE
  • Session for Kickstarter County included
  • English and German language support


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