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Compatible with:      Trainz Plus      TRS22      TRS19 SP5+     

The C44aci is a model of Australian heavy duty diesel electric locomotive designed by UGL Rail and built at the Broadmeadow factory. It is operated by a number of rail freight operators. The design is based on the National Rail NR class but with some modifications and upgraded features. The C44aci has become the new baseline standard product of Australian Locomotives with many operators ordering these locomotives.

These Locomotives Feature:
-Full PBR Texturing
-Highly Detailed Custom Cab
-Animated Doors
-Animated Windows
-Number Board and External Light Toggles
-Custom Scripting
-Emissive Lighting
-Custom Dynamic Brake Sounds
-Custom Locomotive Brake Sounds
-Custom Traction Motor Sounds
-Blinds Lowered/Raised Toggle
-Coupler Flag On/Off Toggle
-Dynamic Break Throttle 

Credit to S301, Scratchy, H222, lesley & itzmejane for beta testing these locomotives and providing feedback
Credit to S301 and GDennish for providing the locomotive with advanced scripting and features.
Credit to Graham Baker and Aaron Hobson for providing locomotive reference photos, locomotive information and helpful resources

Credit to Azervich for providing realistic locomotive engine physics 
Credit to all others who helped during production of this locomotive. 

Pack includes the following locomotives:
<kuid2:804089:103100:1> Aurizon 5000 12+
<kuid:804089:110343> Aurizon 5040 14+
<kuid:804089:110391> Aurizon 5000 22+
<kuid2:804089:103065:1> Aurizon 5020 22+
<kuid2:804089:103442:1> Aurizon 5020 (Ex QRN) 12+
<kuid2:804089:103272:1> Aurizon 5024 23+
<kuid:804089:110342> Aurizon 5040 22+
<kuid2:804089:104235:1> Aurizon 6000 22+
<kuid2:804089:103962:1> Aurizon 6000 23+
<kuid2:804089:104231:1> Aurizon 6003 16+
<kuid:804089:110284> Aurizon ACB (Ex QRN) 23+
<kuid2:804089:104460:1> Aurizon 6020 23+
<kuid2:804089:103974:1> Aurizon 6020 (Ex QRN) 12+
<kuid2:804089:104236:1> Aurizon 6022 22+
<kuid:804089:110333> Aurizon 6022 (Ex QRN) 12+
<kuid2:804089:103973:1> Aurizon 6040 17+
<kuid2:804089:104237:1> Aurizon 6040 23+
<kuid:804089:110275> Aurizon ACC 13+
<kuid:804089:110292> Aurizon ACD6047 23+
<kuid:804089:110619> Aurizon ACD6051 23+
<kuid:804089:110291> Aurizon ACD6055 23+
<kuid2:804089:105016:1> Aurizon ACD 23+
<kuid:804089:110474> Aurizon CF4401 22+
<kuid2:804089:103278:1> Aurizon CF 18+
<kuid:804089:111712> Aurizon CF 24+
<kuid:804089:110458> Aurizon GWU (Ex ORA) 23+

Quick Notice:

The indigenous artwork displayed on locomotive 5024 was designed and painted by aboriginal artist John Robinson, the artwork is a fine example of John's amazing work and John has kindly given me permission to release this locomotive with his artwork on it. Make sure you check out John's work at: https://www.facebook.com/aboriginalartbyjrobinson/



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