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$7.50 USD
A series of freight locomotives CO (Sergo Ordzhonikidze, axle load 17 tonnes) designed for medium loads and working on lines with light rail. Built from 1934 to 1951 at the Kharkov, Bryansk, Voroshilovgrad, Krasnoyarsk and Ulan-Ude Locomotive Works. Total production of locomotives - 3049. Currently, the engine operating SO17-4171, is...
$19.99 USD $91.95 USD
Travel back in time and experience some good 'ol USA rail nostalgia. This collection bundles 5 individual packs from early 1900 through to 1955 - the perfect bundle for those wanting to travel back to when clocks seem to tick slower and life was much simpler :-) ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $91.95 ------ BUY...
$19.99 USD $29.96 USD
This BNSF EMD Bundle comprises 4 x EMD Loco Packs ----- PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY: $28.96 ------ ----- BUNDLE PRICE JUST: $19.99 ------ Locos included in this bundle are: BNSF EMD SD40-2 (Individual Price - RRP $5.99) BNSF EMD SD70MAC Executive Patch (Individual Price - RRP $11.99) BNSF EMD SD70MAC - Heritage (Individual Price - RRP $5.99)...
$24.99 USD $285.00 USD
Upgrade from Trainz A New Era with the Platinum Edition Bundle. If you already own Trainz A New Era but would like to add this huge list of amazing content to your collection, we've put together this special Platinum Bundle just for you! If you do not own Trainz A...
$19.99 USD
We've combined the ATSF GP38-2 Sante Fe 2 Pack (clean and weathered versions) along with the BNSF GP38-2 Pumpkins 2 Pack to create an awesome value bundle. Watch the GP38-2 video to see a demonstration of all the possibilities included with these detailed locos. For detailed information download the Locomotive Operating Manual available at ....
$29.99 USD $327.00 USD
Includes Trainz A New Era SP4 + Platinum Content Bundle Looking for TRS19 Platinum Edition? Go here. The world’s favorite train and railroad simulator has been updated with new features and we've added tons of bonus content. With more than three years of improvements, plus all the traditional features Trainz has provided over...
$19.99 USD
The "King of the Trains" or the "Train of dreams"– there are a number of myths and legends about this particular train that everybody knows: the Orient Express. However, with all admiration it is often overlooked, that it was not merely a single train: the Orient Express consisted of several...
$39.99 USD
Welcome to Coal Country! Now upgraded to TRS19 standards! ( requires TRS19 ) Take a trip through the heart of the Appalachian coal fields.  This fictional route, create by Jointed Rail, is complete with a brand new Railroad, locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery items.  This compact route is filled with action packed details....
$17.99 USD
Custom cab interior The interior shows amazing accuracy of details. The proper lighting and shadows are rendered into the textures. Nearly all controls, gauges and indicators are functional. All functions of the loco are controlled with the cabin controls or keyboard strokes. Tutorial session Learn how to operate the loco...
$5.99 USD
TRS19 version of Shortline Railroad is here!The route has gone through an overhaul from TANE to TRS19 standards, with new track, textures, and more. Owners of the TANE version will have access to the TRS19 version for free!A fictional route based in the United States of America where the Burlington Northern...
$39.99 USD
Route includes 4 Sessions. "The Canadian Pacific Railway Mountain Sub itself ( Rogers Pass being a separate subsection ) stretches over 300 km East-West. Starting at Ottertail just SE of Field. This takes more than 10+ hours non-stop driving obeying rules and signals and negotiating grades and the trip ends...
$7.99 USD
TANE: Requires the free Trainz Route: NiddertalbahnTRS19: Requires the Trainz Route: Niddertalbahn (TRS19) version which is part of the full TRS19 purchase or TRS19 European Edition or as a separate purchase. If you get hot and cold sensations running through you even without having flu, then perhaps it’s already the case that...
$39.99 USD
THIS ADD-ON PACK REQUIRES TRAINZ A NEW ERA. New users click here for the "Full Product" version of TMR. A whole new generation of "Trainz" based entertainment has arrived to Trainz A New Era (SP2 or above). This DLC bundle allows you to download all the below routes and sessions into Trainz A New Era...
$19.99 USD
Requires Trainz Route: C&O Hinton Subdivision This package includes the "C&O 2-6-6-6 H8" locomotive. Quinnimont was a marshalling yard for coal loads from the surrounding mines. Trains were assembled here to be shipped to Clifton Forge and beyond. Empty cars were also made-up here for the mines in the area....
$17.99 USD
Constructed between 1904 and 1920, the Victorian Railways DD class locomotive was designed as a mixed traffic locomotive, with capabilities of also hauling mainline passenger services. Eventually numbering 260 members, the DD class locomotives were constructed by both the Victorian Railways and outside locomotive builders, such as the Phoenix Foundry...
$19.99 USD
Go back in time! Drive an almost forgotten age. An age where the clocks were ticking differently, where “hectic rush“ was a foreign word and a steam engine was a symbol for strength, speed and innovation. 3DZUG's USATC S 160 steam locomotive of the United States Army Transportation Corps guarantees you...