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Compatible with:      TRS19 SP2+     

Located somewhere in the United States of America, The Centrella Sub Division mainline track makes its way through the mountains to the countryside where farm fields are found. At least 50 trains uses this track as a shortcut to go from the west to the east and vice versa as a faster way to ship the materials when passing through the mountains. Amtrak runs 2 trains a day going in each direction, stopping at the 6 stations that are on the line in this area.  

If you love to shunt the yards, Take the freight train from one of the route to the other drive on the mainline and branch lines, providing passenger service so the passengers can enjoy the scenery, or take care of the industries, then this route is something that you'll enjoy and will provide you hours of train operations.

Drive your train in not just one season, but four different seasons! Enjoy the green scenery as you drive the freights, or provide the passengers a safe trip through the mountains. Or enjoy driving the trains in the winter wonderland and enjoy the scenery in  a fresh blanket of snow.

Whatever you choose to do, there is a task that is waiting for you to complete, so hope aboard the locomotive (or the Superliner) and enjoy the scenery.

History of the route:
While playing with the TransDEM program, and using DEM data to create the terrain, the route started its life in Trainz Simulator 12 on the 10th of OCT of 2017. When production started to max out the capabilities of TS12, the route development was moved to Trainz A New Era SP2 HF1 to finish the development. The route was completed with development in October of 2018 and sessions were then made until the 16th of NOV of 2018. The total time it took to development this package that you are about to load was 13.5 months. In that case, I hope you will enjoy the route as much as I enjoyed developing it.

Route features:
- 5 yards
- 40 miles of mainline, plus 4 branch lines
- 30+ industries
- 6 passenger stations
- supports full seasonal changes

Session features:
- Locomotives feature startup and shutdown, fuel consumption, and sand. Be sure to start your journey in the included AM tutorial session to learn on how to startup and shutdown the locomotives.
- Includes 61 prebuilt consists to get your started
- 7 sessions to provide hours of operational experience.
-- List of included sessions: Grain Duties, Coal and Oil, Amtrak -  Eastbound, Amtrak - Westbound, Coal Delivery, North Crest Duties, and Oil Train

I do want to give my friend Laurinlaki a personal thank you for beta testing this DLC in the early days, and for developing the script so the SD40-2 and GP38-2 locomotives could have the ability to startup / shutdown. Thank you very much Laurinlaki!

Be sure to play the tutorial session as it'll tell you how to startup and shutdown the locomotives! A video tutorial is also available here


Developed by Hiawathamr Trainz Add-ons



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